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Type 4 CHI-T0!

The Type 4 Chi-To was a advanced medium tank developed by the Japanese army, weighing 32 tons, it had much better armor than other Japanese tanks. In game it's a fast, aggressive and dangerous tank.


The Type 4 have very good accuracy and decent firepower. It's armor is an improvement over the type 1, but still weaker compared to it's allied counterpart. This thin armor(27-70 mm) gave the type 4 good speed and cross country capability.

The reload speed is impressive, this combined with good damage results in the highest damage per minute for any tank.


Fully utilize it's great accuracy and speed, shoot behind cover at long range, and at close range, drive around enemy tanks and hit their backside, the Type 4's armor ensure some shots are deflects, but most of the time the enemy cannot hit you due to the speed, which reaches above 30 mph as you upgrade it.