This page is devoted to tactics that can help commander blow stuff up efficiently.

Aiming, shooting and reloadingEdit

Aiming reticle becomes smaller when the tanks stops. It reaches minimum size, meaning maximum accuracy in 3 or 4 seconds. This is deadly weakness in all tanks, either shoot poorly on the move or nail enemies while putting itself at risk.

Reload speed differs from tanks, typically, the bigger and heavier the gun, the slower the reload. The M18 Hellcat has the fastest reload in the game, pumping out a max of 37 shots per minute. Thus is ideal for firing on the move( it doesn't matter if you miss) and rapidly harassing multiple targets.

KV-1 and Tiger II's gun fires once every 14 seconds, an inaccurate shot means giving enemies a precious 14 seconds to come out of cover and grind you down. So make sure to upgrade the reload speed and aim carefully.

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Defensive tacticsEdit

Face the enemy with your thick frontal armor. Try to protect the rather fragile side by hiding behind cover or next to a friendly heavy tank. Light tanks should spread out and move continuously to avoid being hit by slow moving but powerful guns.

Ramming and Rage chargesEdit

These are not the most effective methods, but good enough for emergency situations. The bigger the tank, the better it is for ramming, heavy tanks such as the Tiger II deals 16 to 20% damage if rammed into a stationary target, and only suffers 1% damage. Smaller tanks are not suited for ramming, but a ram to to backside with a fast, small tank is still deadly. Occasionally, tanks may climb on top and over each other, but this deals no damage.

Another interesting effect of ramming is that it could throw off the aim of both rammer and the target. Be prepared to re-adjust your aim and fight back

Rage charges, also known as suicide charges, should be used with a heavy tank at close range against many targets. Accelerate at max speed, Bounce off enemy fire with front armor and fire at close range, a tiger's shot combined with a ram is strong enough to kill a upgraded Panzer. But it's advised to thin out enemy formation before charging and have a teammate nearby to help out.
IMG 0525-2-

Clash of the titans.Heavy tanks are more resilliant to ramming.