The M4 Sherman is Battle Supremacy's starting tank. A Jack of all trade but master of none vehicle. It should be used until the Type 1 or M18 Hellcat is unlocked

IMG 0516-2-

M4 Sherman in its basic configuration.


The Sherman's main advantage is the accuracy, at a surprising 87 points. All other stats are disappointing as one expects from a beginner tank. A top speed of 21 mph makes it as slow as the Tiger II, and don't forget the tiger is about 3 times heavier. A armor of 45 and 150 health, which is decent but still weak compared to others. The gun has 45 point damage, only half of a m26 Pershing and a good reload speed.


The M4 is good enough for a starter tank, upgrade the gun and engine and use it as a long range hunter to kill noobs, accuracy is very good so try to stay out of close range brawls. It's profile is rather tall so don't try to hull down, instead take cover around corners.