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King of the Hill in pacific airfield.

King of the Hill is a game mode in Battle Supremacy, it involves two teams fighting for the control of a 'hill' in the center of the map.


King of the hill is a rather complicated mode. In each map their is a circular area in the center. It's is referred as the 'hill'. The hill is captured when one team is awarded 1000 domination points. Points can be earned by having more tanks in the zone than the other team. For example, 2 blue tanks are fighting against 4 red tanks in the hill, red side have 2 more tanks than blue therefore they are earning points. 2 blue tanks arrive and destroys 1 red tank, now there are 4 blue tanks against 3 red tanks, so blue team start getting points.

IMG 0533-1-

Two blue tanks are in the zone as indicated next to the blue bar. Not the blue flag slowly raising.


A bar on top of the screen and a flag in the center of the hill indicates condition of the hill, If red team is in the lead, the flag will be red and the bar with have a longer red section. When the red team wins, the flag will raised to the top and the bar will be completely red.


In an serious multiplayer match, a team should divide it's force into two parts, a fast attack division and a heavy defense division. Lighter, faster tanks like type 4s and Hellcats should for the attack division and rush towards the hill ASAP. Expect casualties from opposing forces, but hold on until slower, but more powerful Tigers and Pershings arrive. The light tanks can then harass enemy. Heavy tanks should take cover, or get into a turret down position (meaning hide beind a hill or low cover while exposing the turret to shoot). rRepel enemy forces and try to get as much of your teams tank to be in the hill as possible.