There a several different game modes in Battle supremacy.

Free for allEdit

Players have no teammates, instead all players fight against each other. Winner is the players with the most kills

Recommended for high end players due to the difficulty of fight alone.

King of the hillEdit

Two teams fight for the control of a 'hill' in the center of the map. Points can be gained by having more tanks in the hill zone than the enemy team. The team that gets 1000 points win, if no one controlled the hill by the end of the 10 minute match, then it's the team with the most point that wins.

Fast tanks such as the type 1 and the Hellcat performs well, their speed can get them to the hill quickly. After fast tanks arrived, heavy tanks such as the tiger and the Churchill should be used to secure the hill and hold off enemies.

Team death matchEdit

Exactly what it says on the box. Two teams fight to the death, this is by far the most easily understood game mode and is popular with new players. A balanced tank like the type 4, the Panzer 3 and the Sherman is good for team death match since no special tactics and abilities are required.

Free roamEdit

No enemies in this game mode, you can freely drive around or select boats, plane or jeeps to explore. New players should use this mode to familiarize with the maps.

Capture the baseEdit

3 to 7 zones are located throughout the map, they can be captured via way as to capturing a hill, a team with more hills under their control gains points, when one team get enough they will win.