The France map is a map in Battle supremacy, featuring a beach, likely to be Normandy, assaulted by allied ships and landing crafts, further inland, a town and a lake is featured. The map forms the basis for the last part of campaign.


Part three of the campaign starts with allied forced assaulting Normandy beaches during Operation overlord. The beach is filled with Germany defensive equipment, dozens of landing craft and assault ships, further out at sea there's a battleship and two carriers. There's a steep cliff and a lighthouse on the east side of the beach, most of the beach ends with a steep, 40 degree cliff, which cannot be climbed by most tanks. Sitting on top of the cliff, facing the beach are four huge costal defense guns.

About two kilcks inland there is a town and a towering mountain, the town features a cathedral, which serves as the 'hill' in King of the hill. A train station with six tracks is present. The huge mountain cannot be scaled by any tank, by can be climbed via a jeep, which seems to have incredible traction and horsepower.

On the east or the right hand side of the mountain there's a bay, and on the west side a lake with several boats. The train track circles much of the map, this is perhaps the most dangerous track in all three maps, often killing careless players in capture the zone and TDM modes.

Historical informationEdit