The Tank's armor is what keeps it fighting after taking enormous damage on the battlefield. It's role is to decrease the damage taken by a tank when it's hit. Armor is often confused with health, which measures how much adage a tank can sustain, not how hard it is to damage it.

Armor LayoutEdit

For obvious reasons , the forward hull of any tank would be the toughest and thickest part. Shooting at the section often results in the shell bouncing off. Even if the shell penetrated the front, it sill deals little damage. So face enemy fire directly and the chance of survival will increase.

The turret is slightly weaker, but still very tough. Shooting the side and the track of an enemy works much better and is what usual players do.

List of tanks according to their armorEdit

Name Default armor Maximum armor
Churchill 57  ?
Tiger II 79 110
T-34 49 68
Sherman 46 64
Panzer III 46 64
Type 4  ?  ?
KV-1  ?  ?
M26  ?  ?
M18  ?  ?
Type 1 26  ?

Armor upgradeEdit

Armor upgrade is a relatively expensive upgrade, but it's very important, fragile tanks, like the Hellcat and the type 1 must be upgraded to unleash their full potentials. Upgrading the armor first changes the paintjob twice, then adds applique (bolt on) armor and track armor or 'skirt plates'. Upgrading armor also increases health.

IMG 0522-1-

This is a KV-1 with no armor upgrade.

IMG 0523-1-

After 3 upgrades, it's given a snowy paintjob instead of the factory green.

IMG 0524-1-

What the last upgrade looks like, with applique armor on top and plates on the side of the track.